A whole chicken?

What do I do with a whole chicken?

Remember to save leftovers, juices, and bones to make soup. If you don’t have many (or any) leftovers, freeze the juices & bones until you roast another chicken then use the remains from both to make soup.
Roasting suggestions: I prefer to roast chickens covered. Browning can be achieved at the end of the roasting time. Roasting recipes can be converted to crock-pot recipes; but the bird won’t brown.

1. Coat with herbs and roast. Oven roasting temp: 325-350 degrees F.
2. Place garlic cloves, onions, and a quartered lemon in the cavity and roast.
3. do # 1 & #2 together.
4. Put a whole chicken in the pot to make your favorite soup recipe wonderful.
5. Stuff the chicken with bread or rice stuffing and roast.
6. Quarter a whole chicken. In a 9X13 oven safe pan mix 2 cups rice (long cooking type, NOT minute rice) and 2 cans of soup *(any combination of Mushroom, Cream of chicken, or Celery). Place chicken pieces on top of rice mixture and bake (uncovered) for 1 hour or until the chicken is baked.

*I would prefer to find another liquid to use in place of canned cream soup; but have not yet experimented with this particular recipe. One could probably use cream & chopped celery/onion or possibly chicken broth. Please share your results!

By Bettie Walter of Hickory Acres Meats

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